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Initiating and Improving Real-estate, over 30 years of real-estate expertise 

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Psagot Oren Properties and Investments

An Israeli real-estate investment house

Psagot Oren Properties and Investments is a real estate investment house of properties in Israel.

Psagot Oren Properties and Investments Ltd. is an Israeli real estate investment house, one of the leading real estate companies in its field and is owned by entrepreneur Ronen Oren. The company initiates and plans residential, commercial and logistics projects. Psagot also operates in the field of land improvement and in the transforming of the improved lands into spectacular residential complexes.
The company’s specialty is finding attractive housing deals, with potential profits, and offering them to private investors and institutions, guiding both legal and planning aspects of the transactions and aiming for the great yields.
The company operates in real-estate for 30 years. It initiates, guides, plans and sells wide real-estate projects, with hundreds of housing units, all over Israel.

The company, which has been operating in the field for over 30 years, initiates, supports, plans and sells large-scale real estate transactions consisting of hundreds of residential units throughout Israel.

The company's strategy is to identify real estate opportunities and to have them acquired by several investors together, which creates substantial and extensive economic power.

The company's vision is to find real estate opportunities for the company's circle of investors, and to turn these investors into full partners respecting the profits from these opportunities – and to do so with transparency, reliability and especially through the utilization of the vast range of knowledge that the company has accumulated over its years of operation.

The company’s vision

Finding real-estate opportunities to the company’s investors and turning them into full profit partners. Our work is guided by values of transparency, loyalty, and mostly through using the vast knowledge accumulated throughout the years.

The company’s strategy

Finding real-estate opportunities and offering them to private investors for a shared acquisition and increased profits.

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Psagot Oren Properties and Investments

During recent years there is a sharp increase for real-estate investors and entrepreneurs. This is not coincidental as the request for housing is rising every year, and if this datum is taken in smaller resolutions, it can be said that the request is rising every month, as more people seek to buy assets and more people are interested in investing in relatively large-yield real-estate investments. Some people know how to seize the chance in their way, and generate a substantial profit for their own good. If this is indeed the case, it is not surprising at all that there is a constant increase of real state investors, investing in many properties in Israel and abroad.
One of the safest and most efficient ways of investment is to invest in real-estate. In real-estate investments, the risks are far lower than those of other investments, such as stock market investments etc. The request for housing in Israel keeps rising, empowering the circle of construction every year. We see more lands prepared for construction, more extensions of various settlements and Kibbutzim and so on. When there is such a great demand, how can you tell which real-estate investment company to join and what should you check before you hit the road?

Why invest in real-estate?

The construction sector and the desire for housing in Israel grows every year. Many Israelis desire to make a dream come true and acquire an apartment or a private house in Israel. For this reason, the State constantly “thaws” more areas for construction, providing chances for many people to make their dream come true and have their own private asset. The commercial construction has growing demands as well, and it is possible to see renovating commercial areas around Israel, and many expansions in other commercial zones. These grounds are used to build more commercial centers and/or office buildings. Whether you choose to invest in real-estate for housing or for commercial purposes, the profit potential is significantly higher than investments in other areas, like the stock market, which entails a greater risk.

Why choose Psagot Oren - Initiating and Improving real-estate?

In real-estate, the expertise and tenure are an ace used to succeed and make profit. Thanks to the many years of experience and many projects the company was involved in, the company team members know how to locate lands for construction and evaluate their rates of success, plan in details to achieve maximal yields of the city construction plan and maximize profits for buyers. Integrating their expertise in real-estate, vast knowledge in taxation and their legal professionalism, they enable an inclusive care and maximum profits. If you are looking for a real-estate investment company, do it with the best company in Israel, Psagot Oren - Initiating and Improving real-estate.

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